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Back in July, Bruce Willis said in an interview that production on the next installment of Die Hard, tentatively called Die Hard 5, was "imminent." The comment seemed to suggest that the project was about to get the greenlight and would start production soon after the comment was made. Seeing as it's been three months since the comment and no word has come out about the film, something obviously got lost in translation, but that doesn't mean that John McClane won't be returning soon.

Digital Spy recently had a chance to speak with Willis, who is currently promoting his new film Red, and clarified his statement from July. Apparently, Willis misspoke, thinking that "imminent" mean "that you have a lot of 'em." So production of Die Hard 5 won't be starting up tomorrow, but seeing as he has confirmed that it will be happening, when might we see it? According to the actor, the project already has a script and is "probably going to happen in 2011."

I haven't been a fan of the Die Hard 5 idea since Willis said he would be doing the film "to make fun of it" back in February, but there is one way they could excite me about the prospect: don't handicap it with a PG-13 rating again. "Yippie-Kai Yay, Motherfucker" isn't a sentence that should be censored once, let alone twice.