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Even though I wasn't nuts about his second film The Brothers Bloom, Rian Johnson has earned my undying affection thanks to his 2005 debut Brick, and I'll see anything he puts out there. That goes double for a movie that reteams him with Brick star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and triple for one that deals with my favorite movie trope, time travel. So, obviously, I'm feverishly anticipating Looper, Johnson's upcoming time-travel action film that stars Gordon-Levitt along with a bunch of other great names-- Jeff Daniels, Paul Dano, Emily Blunt, and the man himself, Bruce Willis.

The project is shopping around at Cannes right now and to promote it the producers have released the first image via Empire; though Gordon-Levitt is likely the central character, they've smartly relied on ol' reliable Willis, releasing an image of him shooting a machine gun with a face full of fury. The image emphasizes muscle over what I imagine is a more intellectual and sci-fi side to the film, but I don't mind it for now. Empire also has more plot details on the film than I've seen anywhere before. I've included them after the image, but spoiler alert for anyone who's super-duper sensitive about these things. Looper will probably show up in theaters in early 2012, for those of you keeping an eye on the calendar. Check out the image and brief synopsis below.

Joe [Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character] is no ordinary hitman. The hooded, bound victims he kills are sent back in time from 30 years in the future: he shoots them with a blunderbuss, burns the bodies, and all trace of the crime disappears. Life is pretty good for Joe, until one day a body arrives without a hood: it's his future self, played by Willis. And he's not going down without a fight…

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