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Wes Anderson never has trouble getting a collection of talented actors to star in his films, but he may have even outdone himself with the initial lineup for his next project, titled Moonrise Kingdom. According to Deadline, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton are all in talks for the film, which Anderson plans to direct next spring.

Murray, of course, has been in every Anderson film since Rushmore, but all the others are new to the crew. The film centers around a young pair of lovers who run away from their small 1960s New England town, but somehow everyone they left behind is convinced they've disappeared and require rescuing. McDormand and Murray are set to play the girl's parents, though McDormand's character winds up having an affair with the town sheriff, played by Willis. Norton will play a Scout leader leading one arm of the search, and Swinton's role is apparently still secret, though knowing her it could be literally anything.

It's interesting that the two central characters are so young, since the usual Anderson lineup doesn't include anyone under the age of 30 (Jason Schwartzman comes the closest, having just turned 30). Then again, the two runaway lovers may just be an excuse for another ensemble farce, and we'll never see them at all. Anyway, these are all silly questions to be asked in the face of the real news, which is that there's a new Wes Anderson movie coming. After The Fantastic Mr. Fox-- and, OK, all the great movies that came before it-- I'm once again ready to follow this guy anywhere.

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