Last week a shortlist of actresses vying for the two female leads in Len Wiseman's Total Remake suggested that Colin Farrell wouldn't be starring in the sci-fi remake all by himself come time for production to begin. But just as in all male-led blockbusters, there is a role even more important than the female companion: the villain. Today we don't have a shortlist for that role, but solitary name.

THR reports that Bryan Cranston is now in talks to play Vilos Cohaagen in Total Recall. In the 1990 film, Cohaagen, played by Ronny Cox, is a Mars administrator who nearly kills everyone on the planet when he shuts down the air supply. This time around, however, because they won't be venturing into space, the character's storyline will probably change a bit. According to the article, the story will revolve around two nation states, Euromerica and New Shanghai, and a factory worker named Douglas Quaid (Farrell) who believes that he is a spy, but doesn't know for what side. Rather than being a leader on Mars, Cohaagen is now the leader of Euromerica who is secretly planning to invade New Shanghai.

While I can definitely see the links between the two stories, I'm amazed how wildly different they actually are. Obviously without the inclusion of Mars the plot was going to change a bit, but this is pretty drastic. I just pray they can find a way to squeeze in three-boob lady.

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