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We’ve known for months now that Universal is planning on making a Battlestar Galactica movie. It’s just not the one fans want. Instead of basing it on the recently finished, critically acclaimed, wildly popular Sci-Fi Channel series (it actually became so popular that at one point it briefly crossed over on to NBC, a rarity for basic cable programming) they’re engaging in another Hollywood reboot. The website HitFix claims to know how they’re going about it.

They’re pushing the rumor that Bryan Singer is working on a deal to direct a brand new, feature film version of Battlestar. This is somewhat strange since back in February Universal hired Battlestar’s original creator Glen Larson to do the same thing. Does that mean Singer and Larson would be working together? Has Larson been canned? Or is this story headed for the big bin of blog rumor debunks?

It sort of makes sense that Singer might be looking for another big, tentpole project. We haven’t heard much from him since Valkray last year and he’s overdue for something new. I’m not a fan of rebooting something which was already done well so recently, but if they have to redo it getting Bryan Singer involved gives this whole thing a much more exciting complexion.

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