Bryan Singer came close to losing the geeks for good when he announced a few weeks ago that he'd be directing a Battlestar Galactica movie, but one that completely negated the world of the recent Sci-Fi series, and instead started the whole story over from scratch once again.

But now he has a chance to make up for it-- according to THR, he'll be directing Jack the Giant Killer first, a grown-up take on the classic "Jack and the Beanstalk" story. This doesn't necessarily mean he won't make the Battlestar movie at all, but by making this one first he might be able to regain a little trust and allow people to have hopes for his vision for Galactica.

Giant Killer sounds like a pretty standard adventure story-- or a Super Mario game-- with a young farmer charged with rescuing a princess from the kingdom of giants. It's the kind of boilerplate story I think Singer could do a good job with, particularly if he goes easy on the goofy mythology and gets right down to the action. If he's successful with this one, he could get that geek reprieve after all.

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