Do you worry that you have to cut yourself off from that kind of feedback?
yeah, I'm pretty careful. I don't sit there and dwell on every message somebody posts. But you get a sense if something is trending one way or another. You pay attention to it but you never derail the vision of the movie that you're making.

What is it about the motion-capture you used making this that makes you want to do it again?
I like it because I'm not an animation director per se, I like directing actors. It's a chance to create animated characters, creatures, that are driven by performances that I've directed, so instead of describing to an animator "OK, this should be the personality of the creature," instead of doing that, I direct an actor in the volume, wearing the helmets, wearing the facial capture, and then I can edit that performance and deliver that to the animator and say "this is what I want."

When you compare it to the first X-Men, is it completely different?
oh my God, this is light-years beyond that. The complexity of visual effects in Jack is 20 times of what was involved in the X-Men pictures.

Do you ever worry about having the George Lucas syndrome of looking back and wanting to fix them?
No, no. I rewatched them recently to prepare myself to make Days of Future Past. There's a charm ,you know. There's a charm to primitive effects, there's a charm to models. We built a big model of a dam that breaks in X-Men 2, and it still looks really cool. And there are some effects that obviously could be a lot better, and I'll make them a lot better on X-Men Days of Future past. But I don't like going back and messing with the past. That's why it's called the past.

So even if there's a 3D re-release you won't jump in and tweak?
I'd rather spend my day working on a new film than working on an old one.

Ewan McGregor's hair in this looks very good compared to a lot of the poor peasants. Where'd that come from?
Originally we made a wig for him and gave him period hair, and he just didn't look as handsome, he didn't look as cool. So then we pulled the wig off and he had something close to this, and it just looked hot. It complemented his face and the facial hair, it complemented the armor. He just looked really good.

I was impressed by what a good Prince Valiant figure he was.
Basically he was the Errol Flynn of the movie. He needed that groomed handsomeness.

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