Jack the Giant Killer was supposed to be the next project from Bryan Singer, the movie he focused on instead of X-Men: First Class and hopefully a triumphant return to big-budget action movies after a slight left turn into Valkyrie. But while Singer is still committed to Jack, it's not going to happen as soon as we hoped. THR is reporting that the movie's production start has been pushed to February 2011, after it had been scheduled for this summer.

It's not that Singer was dragging his heels-- he had met with the likes of Aaron Johnson and Andrew Garfield looking for a lead actor, and was in the middle of figuring out the movie's complicated visual effects. Apparently that was where things stalled out. Singer wants to pull a Cameron and be able to see his complex CGI giant characters in the camera as the actors perform, which means they'll need a little more time to figure out the visuals before getting everyone to the set.

As Matthew Vaughn sprints toward the production start for X-Men: First Class, you've got to imagine he's a little envious of Singer, being able to take the time and make sure all the i's are dotted. Based on what THR is reporting it doesn't sound like there's anything to be worried about here, just one director with clout taking control of his project.

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