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Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are pretty much a match made in--well I was going to say “heaven,” but that might not be the right word. It’s not hell either, but rather some weird and dark place in between with lots of hairspray and makeup. They’re teaming up on their eighth movie together and according to Deadline it will begin shooting this January. The movie is Dark Shadows and is based on the 1960’s serial television show of the same name.

The Dark Shadows movie has been on the table for a couple of years now and the premise is right up the Burton/Depp creepy alley. The original 1960s-70s television series had a gothic feel with a number of different monsters making appearances, a relative first for daytime television. Six months into the series the vampire character Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) showed up and helped to boost ratings. Depp will reprise the role of Collins in the movie remake which, if it stays true to the television series, will feature an assortment of zombies, werewolves, ghosts and witches.

Depp and Burton last teamed up on Alice in Wonderland. Depp is currently filming the next Pirates of the Caribbean installment while Burton is in pre-production on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Seth Grahame-Smith wrote the novel and screenplay for the latter and is lined up as writer for Dark Shadows.

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