Danny McBride’s over-the-top comedy has put him into mainstream consciousness, although his fan base has yet to reach beyond cult status. It’s not that he doesn’t get multiple chances: after rumors Eastbound and Down might be canceled, HBO released a statement affirming McBride could do as many seasons as he wants. Even though Your Highness bombed at the box office, it is still getting a pretty substantial DVD and Blu-Ray to make up costs. As far as acting goes, the man can do no wrong, but he needs a really big release so people can see him in action. On August 9, when Your Highness hits DVD and Blu-Ray, audiences who quest for the title will get the chance.

Your Highness follows two prince brothers Thadeous and Fabious (Danny McBride and James Franco) as they pursue Fabious’ kidnapped love, Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel) who was taken by the evil warlock Leezar (Justin Theroux). As the two traverse around the kingdom, they run into Isabel (Natalie Portman) a tough-as-nails fighter chick who apprehensively joins the two men on their quest. Your Highness’ script is mostly improvised and it’s pretty interesting to watch the cast, especially Franco and Portman, go off the rails from time to time.

Special features with the DVD release are pretty chill and will include alternate scenes, a gag reel, a “Making Of” featurette, and commentary with director Gordon Green, as well as McBride, Franco, and Theroux. The Blu-Ray release is a bit more intense, with all of the DVD features as well as three others segments “Perverted Visions”, “Line-O-Rama,” and “A Vision of Leezar.” These extras aside, the Blu-Ray will be the better deal because it will include a digital copy of the unrated version of Your Highness.

If you want to see Danny McBride continue to get big budgets, check this movie out.

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