After starting off in his teen years with movies like E.T., The Outsiders, Red Dawn, and The Hitcher, C. Thomas Howell kicked off his acting career in spectacular fashion (hell, I'm sure that there are even people out there who consider Soul Man their favorite movie of all time). But in the year's since, he's never experienced the same level of success. Unlike most actors in that same situation, however, Howell has refused to go peaceful into that good night, continuing his career as a respectable actor and currently has more than 80 films on his resume. But do you know what's a really great way to jump start your career? Star in a superhero film, and that's exactly what Howell is doing.

Italian website Bad Taste has learned that Howell recently updated his private Facebook page with the announcement that he's been cast in Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot, which already stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, and Denis Leary amongst others. It is unknown what role the long time actor will play, but with he is set to start shooting his scenes on January 25. Production is already underway in Los Angeles.

Let the speculation begin! There are still tons of of important roles not yet cast in the film, from J. Jonah Jameson to the guy who kills Peter Parker's parents. Hell, considering how many names are already set to be in the movie I wouldn't be surprised if we start recognizing all of the extras during the action sequences. Whoever he ends up playing, be sure that we will try and let you know as soon as possible.

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