Cam Gigandet is apparently a guy who knows a meal ticket when he sees one. He was the head of the villanous crew of bloodsuckers in Twilight, but that's not enough vampire action for the former O.C. actor. He'll star opposite Paul Bettany in Priest, an adaptation of a graphic novel that's set in an Old West ravaged by a war between man and vampire.

And yes, once again, Gigandet will be on the side of the undead! Mostly. According to THR he'll play a part-vampire sheriff who helps Bettany's warrior priest rescue a girl, Gigandet's love interest and Bettany's niece, who has been kidnapped by evil vampires. Convenient, eh?

I don't know anything about the graphic novel, but I'm guessing it's deliberately evoking the John Ford film The Searchers, which found John Wayne rescuing his niece from Indians, accompanied by a young man who is part-Comanche. Though I can't figure out for the life of me why vampires are suddenly showing up in every kind of entertainment, I kind of like the idea of making a Western that doesn't offend anyone by making the villains non-human. Call it sacrilege, supporting a movie that redoes The Searchers. But I see some potential in this one.

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