The old man has left the sea. Finally.

According to MovieWeb, James Cameron is directing the film Battle Angel Alita, which I'm happy to say has nothing to do with the water. It does, however, involve cyborgs, 3D viewing, and one heck of a massive budget.

"It's going to be a mega-budget film shot in 3-D," Cameron states."It's set in a post-human world in the distant future, and a number of the main characters will be computer-generated. It's a kind of virtual film-making. We're building a whole new motion-capture technology. I'm impatient to get on with using the tools of the future.".

James continues, "The main thrust is a love story between a human man and a female cyborg, and the film contains a range of characters from the fully human to the fully machine. I'm embracing the fact that human beings are amazingly adaptable. We've got a lot of flaws, but we're also pretty clever. We've got the tools, but can we use them?".

I'm not sure what all that means, but if Cameron is involved, you can bet it will be a big dose of geeky action-packed fun. It's good to have the egomaniacal self proclaimed 'king of the world' making feature films again.

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