Between Baz Luhrmann's casting process for his Great Gatsby movie and what Deadline is now reporting as Cameron Crowe's series of meetings to find the female lead in We Bought A Zoo, it's a big week for high-profile white actresses under 35. Crowe's list leans a little closer to comedic talents than Luhrmann's, but it also includes Scarlett Johansson, alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Amy Adams and Rachel McAdams.

The role would be opposite Matt Damon in the story of a grieving father who buys a zoo along with his children. I'm not totally sure where the female lead fits in, since my understanding is that the wife is dead, but I suppose there's room in there for romance alongside the usual animal hijinks. Everyone who ever loved Almost Famous is really hoping the movie can be Crowe's comeback after the disastrous Elizabethtown, and any of these ladies seem like fine actresses-- though, if it's comedy they're looking for, there's really no one better than McAdams out there. Honestly, I don't even have a preference, except to maybe think Winstead is a little inexperienced. What say you, commentariat?

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