In more age-inappropriate Cameron Diaz casting news, EW claims that she’s been offered the female lead in Green Hornet, opposite Seth Rogen. And there goes all my excitement about this movie.

No word yet on what sort of character she’d play, though this is a superhero movie which means shoehorning in some sort of female love interest is of course, obligatory. In Hollywood that’s really all women are good for. Nobody seems to want to watch female-led movies, so the best an actress like Cameron Diaz can hope for anymore is to moon over some muscle-bound dude in spandex.

In the original Green Hornet mythos the primary female character was Lenore Case, secretary of Green Hornet’s alter-ego Britt Reid. She’s also in on his secret identity, which differentiates her from Lois Lane… slightly. Presumably they’re pitching Cameron Diaz because she’s believed to be “funny” and with Rogen involved this will have at least a slight comedic tone. Unfortunately Cameron Diaz isn’t funny, she’s annoying, and studio executives seem to frequently confuse the two traits where she’s concerned.

Still no final word on who might be The Green Hornet’s Kato. Stephen Chow’s involvement remains somewhat up in the air, though Michel Gondry has been confirmed to take over as the movie’s director.

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