Sure, James Cameron has been promising for months that he's definitely planning on making Avatar 2, and has even dropped hints about what he might be doing with it. But I can't be the only one who was totally skeptical that he'd ever get around to doing it. Because Cameron loves nothing more than proving people wrong, though, he has this to say to skeptics: Avatar 2 will have a release date in a few months.

Talking at a tech conference (via The Associated Press) about 3-D and all that fun stuff, he estimated that Avatar 2 would take just 3 years to make, and promised that a release date would be announced soon. A release date doesn't mean anything is guaranteed, of course, but studios generally avoid making that announcement until they know they have an actual product to present, which means that Cameron is moving forward on Avatar 2 much faster than I, at least, expected.

Of course, producer Jon Landau said less that a month ago that Cameron would be focusing on other things before tackling Avatar 2, and if that holds true, it really might be another 10 years before we return to Pandora. Hopefully that elusive release date will shed a little light on where Cameron's nonstop brain is headed next.

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