Thou he's had a scattershot history in Hollywood, Elmore Leonard is on a bit of a roll as of late. Following a couple duds in the, we've seen 3:10 To Yuma (a terrific modern western), Killshot (not great, but still more hit than miss) and the television series Justified (ridiculously addicting). Hoping to continue the streak, the next adaptation, Freaky Deaky, is currently in the casting stages, and has just added a new name, according to The Playlist.

The site reports that Camilla Belle has officially joined the production, only the second one to do so after William H. Macy signed on back in September. While the character that she's playing isn't mentioned, the book has a complex plot involving a pair of political radicals with plans for a big score and the cop trying to take them down. Charlie Matthau, son of Walter, is directing.

A lifelong fan of Elmore Leonard's books, nothing makes me happier than an adaptation done right, yet I am fully aware of how disastrous some of them can be. Let's pray Freaky Deaky is more Jackie Brown than The Big Bounce.

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