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I already explained my feelings yesterday when I wrote about the film's new poster, but let me say it again: I am not looking forward to Little Fockers, and you shouldn't be either, because that well ran dry long ago. Want more reason to be skeptical? Vulture is reporting that the studio is considering bringing in Dustin Hoffman last-minute to revive his role as Bernie Focker, not because the script calls for it, but because the movie is so unfunny that they've gotten this desperate.

I mean, the movie has already wrapped production, and with a December release date in place now is the time for director Paul Weitz to buckle down in the editing room, not head back out for more filming. It's unclear how they plan to work Bernie into the story they already shot, or why they're not also trying to drag Barbra Streisand, as Bernie's wife, into this mess. There's also a scheduling problem in that Hoffman is committed to shooting the new HBO series Luck, though if they're just tossing him in for a few scenes, this could be a weekend's worth of work. I'd crow "I told you so!" at this hard proof that Little Fockers won't be worth your time, but really, I think we all knew this was coming anyway. We all laughed at Meet the Parents 10 years ago and now, inexplicably, we're being punished for it.

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