Joe Johnston may be your favorite filmmaker you've never heard of. As a director he's brought to life the fantastical worlds of Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Jumanji, and as an art director he created the special effects of all three Star Wars movies. Now he's landed one of the most coveted jobs in Hollywood: He'll direct Marvel's Captain America movie, to be titled First Avenger: Captain America.

Marvel apparently brought Johnston in for a meeting two years ago, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and his early conversations with producer Kevin Feige and others apparently helped determine what the new project would look like. So basically they've wanted Johnston to direct the movie all along, before Iron Man was even a hit, and just haven't told us yet for whatever reason.

Johnston's most recent movies, Hidalgo and Jurassic Park III, weren't exactly the strongest they could be, but we also have the Benicio del Toro-starring The Wolf Man to look forward to from him. Mostly, just be glad Marvel is moving ahead on the project, and the dream of seeing all the Avengers onscreen just became a little more real.

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