You always have to cringe a little when Entertainment Tonight is given exclusive advance footage of anything, since they wind up promoting it a day earlier in the most obnoxious, voiceover-laden way possible. And yet, they're almost always showing off something new and cool all the same; in this case it's worth suffering through the voiceover and graphics to get a look at new footage from Captain America: The First Avenger, including footage of Cap throwing the shield and Tommy Lee Jones giving instructions to his soldiers, and looking appropriately grumpy as ever..

Check out the video below, and look online later tonight or tomorrow for the actual footage that Entertainment Tonight will be premiering. From the looks of what they show in this promo, we actually have a lot to look forward to. Am I the only one with more faith in this project the more we see of it?

UPDATE! The full promo is now available! Here it is!

And here's the original, thirty-second ET promo.

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