UPDATE! The trailer managed to leak its way out into the world a day early. Watch the full Captain America trailer right here.

Word from Marvel is that the first real trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger will finally arrive tomorrow. That other trailer you’re probably thinking of, wasn’t so much a trailer as a Super Bowl spot. This one will be the real, deal, full length trailer complete with a look at the movie’s story and probably a lot of Steve Rogers looking really skinny.

Before the new trailer, Marvel has started releasing teaser clips to whet your appetite. That’s right, they’re now releasing advertisements to advertise the upcoming advertisement. Welcome to 2011. Below you’ll find all three of the teaser teasers released so far. None is longer than ten seconds and don’t do much beyond letting a character utter a single line, before it cuts off. You’re probably better off waiting until Thursday for the whole thing, but if you just can’t wait, here’s all three of the trailer teasers released so far:

That was a phenomenal 15-seconds we just spent together, but I doubt anything contained in this soon to be released Cap trailer will ever be better than this highly offensive mashup of the Super Bowl teaser.

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