Y'know, Captain America's shield weapon may seem a little puny compared to Thor's giant hammer, Iron Man's high-tech suit or even Hawkeye's bow and arrow. But have you seen what the guy can do with that thing? Well, no, you probably haven't, except for in brief glimpses in the trailers and screenshots-- until now! Today IGN has debuted a clip from the film that's pretty much nothing but shield action, as Captain America fights his way through a group of baddies using nothing more than the shield, brute strength, and the American way as his weapon. Take a look below.

It ends with Cap in a pretty tight spot, stuck between four flamethrowers, but how much do you want to bet it turns out all right in the end. My favorite part of the clip might be the score, a kind of jaunty, slightly suspenseful accompaniment that seems to jive when the entire old school 40s feel of the movies, like the Indiana Jones franchise put to war. As the next major release down the pike after Harry Potter, and the last big superhero movie to wrap up the summer, Captain America: The FIrst Avenger has done a remarkable job not wearing out its welcome, keeping the publicity campaign constant but at a low hum, and not releasing constant clips that make us feel like we've seen the whole thing. For me at least, it's taken a surprisingly long time to stop feeling so worn down by superheroes after Green Lantern, and the jingoistic, old-timey fun of Captain America is seeming like a pretty apt antidote. Of course, I don't know anyone who's seen the movie yet, so I'm just hoping there's an actual good movie to back all of this up.

If you want to catch up on everything we've seen from Captain America so far and get yourself pumped up for the release, visit our Blend Film Database for all the posters and images you could throw a shield at.

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