A lot of people more accustomed to actor-centric indies and heavy drama will be slumming it lowbrow for Drive. The film will be directed by Bronson helmer Nicolas Winding Refn and is set to star Ryan Gosling, and now THR reports that Carey Mulligan and the previously announced Bryan Cranston have signed on in major roles as well. Between Mulligan's recent Oscar nomination and Cranston's back-to-back Emmys for Breaking Bad, that's a lot of acclaim for two people signing on to a movie about a bank robber on the run.

But then again, when smart and talented people sign on to make something lowbrow, the results can be fantastic. And Drive definitely sounds like the kind of movie you want to allow yourself to see-- based on the novel by James Sallis, it will star Gosling as a Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver for bank robberies, and eventually winds up on the run with his someone else's girlfriend (Mulligan) in the passenger seat. Cranston would presumably be representing the side of the law in this scenario, though watching him go from meth-dealing Walter White on Breaking Bad to a bank robber would be pretty fun as well.

Universal is also holding casting calls for actors to play "tough inner-city L.A. characters" in the film, which means production could get started this fall. With Gosling's Blue Valentine and Mulligan's Never Let Me Go both coming out last this year, it's entirely possible we'll see the two of them walking various awards show red carpets all while filming a getaway movie together. Contrast-- I like it.

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