Ever since June of last year, Eric Bana has been attached to star in By Virtue Fall, the directorial debut of Up in the Air co-writer Sheldon Turner. In that time, Colin Farrell has come and left and there have been rumors that Jeremy Renner would take his place, but nothing has ever come of them. After being the only person on the cast list for so long, now Bana has a lot of friends.

The LA Times and THR report that Carla Gugino, Ryan Phillippe, James Spader, Treat Williams and Kim Coates have all joined the cast of the drama. According to the story, Renner may even still join, though his schedule is fairly booked at the moment due to commitments to both The Avengers and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. The story centers on two ATF agents - potentially played by Bana and Renner - whose friendship is overturned when one frames the other.

This project suddenly went from a one-man-show to having one of the better casts for a pre-production film. Renner would just be a cherry on top at this point.

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