Chris doesn't come up with the pig's blood plan, but she does get her hands dirty. In both versions, Chris is slumming it with Billy, a boyfriend who is older, poorer, and skeevier than she. But in King's story, Chris masterminds Carrie's prom night humiliation, but delegates collecting the pig's blood to Billy and his no-good hangers-on. Peirce's version has Billy surprising Chris by taking her to a pig farm, and demands she pick out which pig they'll kill for its blood. Chris does so with relish, and even slits the poor beast's throat with a smile.

Sue Snell makes it to prom. After getting Chris's cryptic text, Sue races to the school and realizes too late what her former friend has planned. Before she can warn the crowned Carrie, well-meaning gym teacher Ms. Desjardin shoves her out of the auditorium, where all she can do is watch as the mayhem unfolds. However in King's version, Sue never makes it into the school. Carrie's telepathic cry for help signals her once the blood has been spilled, and by the time she arrives, the school and the town, including a nearby gas station, are already being swallowed by flames.

Post-prom events are shuffled. After killing most of her graduating class, Carrie stumbles bloody and barefoot out of the school, and follows Chris and Billy as they try to escape. She uses her powers to send their vehicle into gruesome collisions that kill them both. Then, she goes home to seek comfort from her mother, which of course doesn't go well. After Carrie has murdered Margaret, Sue stumbles in and Carrie asks her--with her mouth--why she had to get involved. Then, she telekinetically throws Sue free of the White home, and collapses it onto herself.

In the book, Chris and Billy flee the prom and retreat to a roadhouse for some post-prank sex. Carrie goes home, where she has the fatal confrontation with her mother, who stabs her in the heart. (She does this in the movie too.) From there, Carrie wanders to the roadhouse, where her mother told her she was conceived, and there she kills Chris and Billy by hurling them and their vehicle into the sketchy bar. Finally, Sue shows up, drawn by Carrie's mental messages of distress. Telepathically, Carrie speaks with her, forgives her then dies in her arms.

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