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As promised when the first image hit the web yesterday, the new trailer for Cars 2 is now online, available to watch below. Also as promised, we see Mater wrapped up in an espionage plot when he and Lightning travel to Tokyo for a race, and Mater is taking his instructions from a suave English car named Finn MacMissile-- who, if he's not voiced by Michael Caine, must be a really good impression done by Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.

Check out the Cars 2 trailer below and we'll talk after.

The trailer is exactly as goofy and brightly colored as you would expect, riffing on Bond films in both the music, the large-scale action sequences and the simple gag of Finn MacMissile being from "British intelligence" and Mater being "average intelligence." It's unclear how Mater's spy plot fits in with Lightning, who seems to be racing as usual and helping out with the spy efforts only tangentially. But then again, given how much fun the Pixar people had with the prison escape genre in Toy Story 3, I'm willing to see what they can bring to the spy movie, even if the Cars characters are among the least interesting Pixar has created.

For more on Cars 2, check out the film's page in our Blend Film Database.

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