I’ve been bored with Ridley Scott for awhile now. His recent movies haven’t done much for me, especially the massively overrated Scarface poster replacement movie American Gangster. God what a bland piece of crap that thing is. I’ve kind of given up any hope that I’ll ever like anything new the guy does, and that I’ll spend the rest of my life longing for the days of Blade Runner and Alien Ridley, or hell even G.I. Jane Ridley would be nice.

That said, his next project sounds kind of cool. Recent history suggests he’ll botch it, but Variety says he’s making a period noir with Casey Affleck in the lead called The Kind One. Affleck was great in last year’s Gone Baby Gone (and even better in Jesse James), and if you’ve seen that then you know he was born to play a classic noir detective. A few weeks ago I finally sat down and watched the legendary 1944 Fred MacMurray noir film Double Indemnity. It’s brilliant and I hate myself for not having watched it sooner, but I could easily see Affleck stepping right into MacMurray’s gumshoes for a similar movie. In fact, Casey Affleck may well be the modern reincarnation of Fred MacMurray. There's something weirdly similar about their acting styles, if not their appearance. It’s only a matter of time before Casey attacks Shelby with his flying Model T.

Unfortunately Ridley Scott is obsessed with mobsters at the moment, probably because American Gangster is the first movie he’s made in nearly a decade that anyone actually saw. So rather than making an awesome noir detective movie with Affleck in the lead, The Kind One is some sort of gimmicky film noir mob movie set in 1930s Los Angeles. Affleck plays an amnesiac working for a mobster thug, and falling in love with his girlfriend. As long Casey wears a trench coat and a hat, I can live with him not being a detective, especially if Ridley finally pulls his head out of his ass to make something good.

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