As written today by The Hollywood Reporter, Marcia Gay Harden is set to join the cast of the Drew Barrymore-helmed roller derby comedy Whip It. She will play the mother of roller derby competitor Ellen Page, and she would rather see her daughter compete in beauty pageants than in roller derby (understandably). Kristen Wiig has already been cast to play Page’s derby coach, Malice In Wonderland (and will probably be the only funny part of the movie) and Juliette Lewis is attached to play Dinah Might, the star of the top team. I have a feeling Lewis’s costumes will not be far off from her everyday wardrobe (see: Licks, Juliette and The).

Aussie stuntwoman extraordinaire Zoe Bell (Uma’s stuntdouble in Kill Bill) is also set to play a roller derby player, which means there are bound to be some fun stunts. Am I the only one looking forward to Juno getting taken out by “The Bride” on wheels? Whip It will be Barrymore’s directorial debut, and I am relieved she has chosen this subject matter to cut her teeth on. Once again, we have narrowly escaped Charlie’s Angels 3.

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