A remake of Footloose is one of those things you think you can just instantly write off. The remakes of other 80s classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street didn't work out so well, so why should anyone bother with this one? But Paramount seems to have a lot of faith in the film, setting up very early interviews with director Craig Brewer (you can read mine here) and screening the film way, way in advance for critics, to mostly positive response. There have been a ton of advance screenings for audiences too, and Brewer has spent the last month or so on his Twitter page retreating the many positive responses from early audiences--and also responding, sometimes hilariously, to the people who doubt him.

Now Paramount is showing what might be their biggest show of faith in the movie yet. This Friday, in 26 theaters across the country, they're holding free advance screenings of the movie, scheduled 6 pm Pacific, 7 pm Central and 8 pm Eastern time. You have to RSVP at the Footloose Friday website and pick your city, but if you live in any major city odds are there's a screening near you. There's even one in Toronto for all the Canadian Footloose fans out there.

We've also got the list of theaters below if you want to know now. Take a look, have an open mind about this remake, and if you see it let us know so we can know what to expect. Footloose opens everywhere, in theaters where you actually have to pay to see it, on October 14.

26 select theatres across the U.S. and Canada:
Atlanta (Regal Town Center)
Boston (Regal Fenway)
Chicago (Regal Webster Place)
Cleveland (Regal Crocker Park)
Dallas(Rave Ridgemar)
Denver (Regal UA Pavilions)
Detroit (MJR Partridge Creek)
Houston (Regal Edwards Marq*E)
Kansas City (AMC Barrywoods)
Los Angeles (AMC Century City and AMC Burbank 16)
Miami (AMC Sunset Place)
Minneapolis (AMC Southdale)
New York (Regal Union Square)
Orlando (Regal Winter Park)
Philadelphia (Regal King of Prussia)
Phoenix(Harkins Tempe Marketplace)
Sacramento (Century Roseville)
Salt Lake City (Gateway Megaplex)
San Diego (Regal Mira Mesa)
San Francisco (AMC Metreon)
Seattle (Regal Meridien)
St. Louis (Wehrenberg Ronnies)
Tampa (AMC Veterans)
Toronto (Cineplex Odeon Varsity Theatre)
Washington DC (Regal Majestic)

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