Walter Muppets Most Wanted
Assimilating Walter
James Bobin’s The Muppets was not only successful bringing some wonderful characters back to the big screen, but also in introducing a great brand new one. Walter was a fantastic, hilarious addition to the legendary troupe in the last movie and meshed perfectly with the classic style (no surprise given that he is a life-long fan). Now a part of the group, Walter is set to return in Muppets Most Wanted, and he couldn’t be more appreciative of all the love he’s received from both the fans and his co-stars. "It's a dream come true over and over," he told us on set. "Every day I have to keep pinching myself. I'm covered in bruises, which is why I wear long sleeves."

Since making his debut, Walter has grown much closer with some of the other Muppets, but others have still found themselves getting used to his presence. Of the rest of the gang, he has found that he has most closely bonded with Fozzy Bear, though their relationship is a bit strange due to the fact that Walter grew up watching The Muppets Show. "It's so weird to be friends with somebody I was a fan of first," Walter told us. "It's kind of amazing. Every now and then I have to step outside of myself and say ‘Oh my gosh, I'M FRIENDS WITH FOZZY BEAR! Okay, be cool, Walter, be cool.’ It's a fine line."

One of the more tricky relationships he has created has been with Rowlf the Dog – mostly because of the latter’s dog-like habits. Said Walter, "Rowlf will sometimes come up to me and look at me like he's never seen me before. Then he sniffs me and he goes, ‘Walter!’ I was not ready for that."

Miss Piggy has also been rather slow in fully accepting Walter as one of the Muppets. When we asked her if we would be meeting any new characters in Muppets Most Wanted she told us that she still considers Walter to be the newbie. "He keeps messing up my coffee order," she said. Until he gets that right, we’re going to keep calling him ‘the new guy’. Really, who needs anybody new when you have moi?"

When we told Walter about Miss Piggy’s comments he responded, "She still thinks I'm the coffee boy. She's another one who doesn't remember me, but it doesn't seem to help if I ask her to smell me."

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