2. The Dead Dog
Dinky sucks. He pisses on sandwiches and bites people’s ankles. His most overt personality quirk is his self-centered unruliness, and he generally behaves like a beast that hasn’t been properly raised. That shouldn’t shock anyone considering Aunt Edna doesn’t exactly come across like the world’s most responsible pet owner. That being said, the poor guy still doesn’t deserve the fate he gets. Attached to the back of the car, he does his damndest to keep up for a few miles, but eventually, he runs out of internal gas and gets dragged to his death, setting up the above confrontation with the emotional police officer.

Had they shown the dog when the car first started moving, the scene likely would have been too graphic to take. Since they don’t, it’s just on the right side of the line in a stomach-churning, uproarious kind of way.

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