Yesterday, we got our first real bite on the plot for the hilarious-sounding b-movie sequel Piranha 3DD. Once there’s blood, those bastards come swimming in absurd numbers; so, it’s no surprise within a day, we now have a whole lot more than just a rough plot outline. In case you missed that first little tidbit, let me fill you in. Piranha 3DD will take place in a water park. The maneaters have broken free from the lake and entered the city’s water supply where they’re now popping out of faucets, clogging up drains and eating bikini-clad customers at Wilderness Waters. It’s like the screenwriters read my diary.

Our friends over at Moviehole got their hands on more than just an outline, and they’re reporting some very interesting main character bios. Apparently, Piranha 3DD will focus on Maddy, the daughter of the water park owner and a wannabe marine biology who’s despised by all the other girls in her low class town. She’s the first to detect there’s a problem and enlists the help of her friend Barry, a local hacker with a history of wasting his intelligence. Beyond that, the movie also sports two slutty sisters named Ashley and Shelby and Maddy’s womanizing ex-boyfriend Kyle.

All that tells us two different things about Piranha 3DD. First, the screenwriters are steering away from the main cast who lead the first project. Word is there might be a few cameos, but on the whole, don’t expect too many tie-ins. Second, they’re giving us roughly the same dynamic with two seemingly platonic leads who will likely fall for each other and some random sluts looking to party. B-movie… engage!

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