I’m actually a huge Sunny fan, and the fact that you’re coming up on nine seasons this year is absolutely phenomenal. And I honestly think that the eighth season is one of the best you guys have put on.

The eighth season is maybe my favorite season we’ve ever done.

Most shows that are on nine years, you see the degradation, but you guys have just kept it going for so long.

You know, it’s a good group of people. That goes a long way, so chemistry is a big part of it, and I think Rob and Glenn and myself, really, really want to do good work, so we are constantly trying to figure out what’s a better and better and better episode of the show. And last year, we still haven’t figured out exactly what makes one great and what makes one just ok, but we’re just trying to get it right.

At this point is it kind of a thing where if FX says, “Keep making episodes,” you’ll keep doing it? What’s the show’s future?

I think so. I know that we’re definitely doing a tenth season, and then it’s really up to FX whether or not we do more, but I just love those people. I love those characters and I love how happy it makes the fans. It’s the best job. It’s the best thing I’ve ever been a part of, and I think keeping the seasons small, we decided we’d just do ten episodes from here on out, really enables us to make sure that each one is sort of precious and that we put as much thought as we can into them. I think we probably would have burned out if we were doing 22 a year. We wouldn’t have lasted this long.

Could you see yourself working with Rob and Glenn on other projects, possibly in the film world?

Absolutely, absolutely, and I hope that we do and the three of us keep talking about doing a movie together and it’s a little bit hard to split our focus between... After a season of Sunny, we usually need a break from each other, but I think hopefully we’ll churn out some stuff pretty soon.

Just to kind of go back to Monsters University, there’s an incredibly strong and mature message in this film, tackling subjects like self-acceptance and the idea that there are just some things that are out of your control. You have to accept who you are and your positions in life. I’m curious about your feelings on that message, and as a father, what you think that message means for young audiences.

If my son learns that lesson early in life, or at any point in life, I’ll be a very happy dad. It’s really something that, you know, everyone except maybe Tom Brady, has had to learn, that, and I bet even he had some awkward years at some point. Before he turned into a supermodel/best quarterback in the NFL [laughs]. But for the rest of us, certainly for me, growing up small and covered in freckles, you had to learn what was interesting or good or ok about you, and I know that’s the case with everyone out there, and sometimes there’s some sadness to it, but then there’s that liberated moment in your life, where most people get to a point where they say, “Hey, I’m ok.”

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