While I continue to be disappointed that Guillermo Del Toro won't have the chance to direct At The Mountains of Madness any time in the near future, fans can and should be excited about Pacific Rim. While not an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation featuring Elder Gods, it is an epic monster movie that should also Del Toro to flex all of his creative muscles. Even better, they're in talks with talented up-and-comer to play a lead.

Deadline reports that British actor Charlie Hunnam, best known to audiences as Jax Teller on the FX show Sons of Anarchy, is now in talks to star in Pacific Rim. Based on an original script by Travis Beacham, the film is set in the future where giant other-worldly monsters erupt from the Pacific Ocean and attack coastal cities. To fight them off, a new era of weapons technology is started. The article doesn't mention any details about the character that Hunnam will play.

Because I haven't yet had the opportunity to watch Sons of Anarchy, my knowledge of Hunnam's work is entirely based on the Judd Apatow's television series Undeclared, which only ran for one season. That said, I've heard nothing but great things about his performance on the FX series. So what do we think, folks? Is Charlie Hunnam ready for action stardom?

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