Draft Day Teaser
Draft Day is another film with a serious buzz problem. There’s not quite the loud negativity surrounding the project that Noah is dealing with from some corners, but the excitement level just isn’t there. The above commercial has generated just seventy-five thousand views since it first went onto YouTube yesterday, which is great by videos of your cat standards but pretty terrible by movie footage standards.

Still, Costner is experiencing a bit of a career resurgence, and he certainly hasn’t lost anything talentwise. Consequently, there’s a legitimate chance this could turn out to be way better than anyone expected. Here’s to hoping the Browns flip the script and actually make wise decisions in this film.

Captain America Teaser
Rather than giving away all the primary footage in a teaser ahead of the Super Bowl, Marvel decided to use the lead-up to Sunday’s game in order to promote the fact that Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be televising a commercial. Yay, I guess. Any Captain America footage is still better than no Captain America footage.

That being said, it would be nice to get a little bit more action. Hopefully, that’ll come in Spades on Sunday, but until then, all we can do is take the Marvel footage where we can get it.

Spider-Man Teaser
Now, this is what I’m talking about. I’m normally really harsh when it comes to Spider-Man. I still don’t get why we needed to reboot the franchise that quickly, but while I’m watching this teaser, there’s nothing I can feel but admiration at both how beautiful the footage looks and how the advertising executives have chosen to position the teaser. This cliffhanger makes me want to watch more. It makes me want to keep my eyes out on Sunday, and that has to be the goal of any company not going for a complete surprise reveal.

It would be incredible if Amazing Spider-Man used the Super Bowl to unleash some real footage of a villain. That would be a badass way to generate a ton of Twitter conversation. Fingers crossed.

3 Days To Kill Trailer
Kevin Costner is everywhere these days. From Jack Ryan to Man Of Steel, he’s involved with some of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, and his mark will be all over Super Bowl Sunday too. We already showed you the clip for Draft Day earlier in the article. Here’s one for the actor’s other flick, 3 Days To Kill, which uses a little common sense to make some anti-soccer jokes, which is perfect for the crowd it's geared toward.

This flick hits theaters on February 21st, which means it needs the publicity. Desperately. Did you even know about this movie until right now? For its sake, I hope some people actually take notice this weekend, or else the accountants are going to have a lot of long nights trying to make this spread sheet add up.

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