Takashi Miike has spent a great deal of his career making films that are pretty hard to watch. From Ichi The Killer to Audition, the Japanese director is an expert in both shocking and entertaining audiences, and he most certainly achieves that in his newest film, 13 Assassins.

Currently available on VOD, the film follows a group of samurai who choose to break their code and kill a sadistic lord who promises to begin a new age of war and death. You can check out our own Mack Rawden's review of the film HERE, but for now we have a cool little exclusive for you.

We've been sent three ridiculously cool stills from 13 Assassins, which you can check out below. The images perfectly illustrate the tones of the film, from deliriously epic too freaky as hell. Be sure to scope them out below, and click on them to see the image full size.

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