Chloe Moretz is on a roll right now, and most of the world hasn't even had the chance to see her as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass-- that treat comes on April 16. But still, she's already been cast as the lead in Let the Right One In remake Let Me In, and now Production Weekly reports that she's signed on to The Fields, the drama formerly known as The Texas Killing Fields that stars Jessica Chastain, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Sam Worthington as homicide detectives.

Moretz's role, they're guessing, will be that of Little Ann, a street kid whom Worthington and Morgan are struggling to save. Based on Moretz's previous work it seems safe to guess she'll be more than your average child in distress, though it would probably also be distracting to see her lay down the lay on the bad guys the way Hit Girl might. Really, the girl seems capable of anything-- Worthington and Morgan ought to watch out to make sure they're not totally overshadowed.

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