Casting speculation is as constant on the Internet as spam and viral marketing, of course, but sometimes people get themselves worked up over a rumor that's really got nothing behind it. When Chloe Moretz told MTV that she just booked a "huge" new project, for some reason they immediately assumed it meant she would be playing a role in The Hunger Games, especially since she lost out to Jennifer Lawrence as the lead of Katniss. The story has since spread all over the Internet, and even my twitter feed has lit up with discussion about whether Moretz would be right for some of the supporting female roles, like Rue or Prim.

And yet, at the same time Badass Digest is suggesting she might be joining Tim Burton's Dark Shadows based pretty much on equally solid information: an IMDB message board post that knew before the trade did that Thomas McDonell would be joining the cast, and suggested Moretz would be next in. Below is the video of what Moretz actually said to MTV, talking up the cast-- which would make sense for Dark Shadows and just how big the project is-- which makes sense for The Hunger Games. Take a look and decide for yourself, but remember--this is all fervent Internet speculation based on pretty much nothing. Not that different from the usual, but still irritating all the same.

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