A lot of things felt fishy about Warner Bros. planned remake of Akira, from the attempt to have Keanu Reeves starring as the teenage leader of a motorcycle gang to the very fact that they were trying to transplant an iconic Japanese manga to an American setting. Odder still was the studio's choice of a director, Albert Hughes, who made Menace II Society and From Hell alongside his brother Allen and would be stepping out solo for the first time on a gigantic, difficult project. Hughes stuck with the project throughout the difficult development until last May, when he finally stepped away. And now he may be moving on to a project that seems to be much more in his wheelhouse.

Twitch Film has it that Warner Bros. has kept Hughes in the fold and now is hoping to start production next January on Motor City, an original crime story about a crook who is out of jail and looking for revenge against the people who put him there. It's a pretty standard revenge story, but with a big stylistic twist-- there's only one line of dialogue in the entire film, at least in the version of the script that made the Black List in 2009. Oh, and the actor they think can pull it off is none other than Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

Producer Joel Silver reportedly offered Evans the role, and there's no word yet if he's accepted, though fellow men-of-the-moment Jeremy Renner and Joel Edgerton are also up for consideration in case he says no. The concept is surely intriguing, and Evans has enough action/thriller credits to his name to surely be good at whatever this movie would throw at him. But he must be incredibly busy fielding offers in the wake of Captain America's success, not to mention figuring out how much of his life will be taken over by Marvel with Cap sequels and The Avengers. He'll be making a bid at romantic leading man status in this fall's comedy What's Your Number?, but otherwise has nothing new coming that doesn't involve the red and white shield. Would he want to take on a different, grittier action role to prove his range, or head in a totally different direction?

Motor City sounds like a great project for Hughes regardless of who stars in it, and it's a relief to see him moving away from something giant and problematic like Akira to an original script with an irresistible concept. He'll need a charismatic and talented actor in the lead role to pull it off, but honestly, there are plenty of options beyond Evans. Just pick somebody good and let this intriguing project move forward-- and if they finally pump the brakes on Akira in the meantime, that wouldn't be such a bad things either.

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