In the first film, we spent lot of time on Asgard and a ton of time on Earth. How does it break down percentage-wise in the sequel in terms of where you guys are spending time?

It’s certainly set in both worlds pretty substantially. Like last time, pretty similar, I think. We certainly see more of Asgard, and more of the nine realms in this film than we did in Thor. In Thor we were just on Asgard whereas with this there’s a bigger universe out there which we get to explore.

How is the experience different on this film working with Alan Taylor as director versus Kenneth Branagh on the first?

Obviously two different people you get two completely different styles, but also two very different stories, you know? Origin story verses, you know, this sort of ongoing… the train is moving now, and especially since Avengers. He certainly didn’t come in with different angle or attitude on how Thor should be, you know.

We all sort of knew where it was headed, that I think had the same want to take it to that next level. And Alan, you can even see with the set design he wants to ground it in a more organic tone. Game of Thrones is set in a reality-based world, but there’s fantasy elements which are quite prominent in this. It’s similar to what we got going over here.

What can you tell us about Thor’s relationship with his father and Lady Sif this time around?

Um, you know… not much [laughs] In the comic books there’s obviously an attraction with Thor and Sif, or what have you. And there was little peppering of that, I think, in the first one. Little hints at it. There may be… [laughs] might be more indication… I’m a politician [laughs].

The stuff with Odin’s interesting because what we didn’t want to do... You’ve got to have the right amount of conflict in order for this to be interesting. The conflict between Thor and Odin was, I think, so great in the first one, and he didn’t want to repeat that, so, certainly they disagree as I think they always will at times. But there’s a far greater respect from each other. It becomes a more mature conversation, but there’s more at stake this time, too. You know it’s not just their individual egos. The whole universe is at stake.

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