Guardians of the Galaxy
Peter Quill Is Looking For An Escape
Peter Quill has a backstory unlike any other character we’ve met so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Born to a human mother and an alien father, he first left home when he was just nine years old (back in the late 80s), and grew up to become a Han Solo-like rogue moving from job to job. But what is it exactly that motivates him to continue? His never ending quest to escape.

Comparing Star-Lord to a person who regularly buys lotto tickets believing that it’s going to be their big step to a better life, Pratt told us that his character is constantly on the move because he is always looking for that last big score that will result in everything being taken care of forever. Because this is really no way to live, Guardians of the Galaxy in part really becomes about his growth as a person and the acceptance of a new world-view.

Said Pratt, "He learns through the course of the movie that that [the way he’s living isn’t] ultimately where you find true satisfaction with yourself or real happiness. It’s really gonna come from doing something bigger than yourself and giving yourself up to something that’s bigger than yourself. So we find him in a hopeful, playful place where -- and he’s sort of escaping and a little bit on the run."

Of course, Star-Lord isn’t only metaphorically on the run from his emotions, but is also literally on the run in Guardians of the Galaxy working to stay ahead of the dangerous killers who are on his tail in search of a mysterious orb. But you’ll just have to wait a few more weeks until I can talk more about that and more from my time on the Marvel Studio’s movie set.

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