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You'd think that with a franchise already on his plate, and another one likely after Terminator: Salvation, Christian Bale would be hunkering down and focusing on keeping all that muscle intact. But during a press junket for Terminator yesterday, Bale admitted that he may have his eye on starring in another adaptation of a J.G. Ballard novel-- one of Bale's earliest film roles was playing a fictionalized version of Ballard in Empire of the Sun.

As reported at i09, Bale had been in contact with Ballard before his recent death: "I had, had indirect contact with him recently because a director friend of mine, and myself, were looking into optioning one of his books. He's such a great mind, such a great writer."

At the time he wouldn't admit which book it was they were planning to adapt, saying simply "we've got great intentions to make it happen. " But later a tipster wrote in pegging Concrete Island as the likely project, noting "Brad Anderson currently has the rights to make the film and is the director friend he's speaking of."

The book's premise sounds like classic Bale, a story about one man who crashes his Jaguar on an abandoned strip of highway and is forced to survive. He also loses his mind in the process. Will this be Bale's chance to get away from the generic acting he's shown as Batman and John Connor? Or hell, will he ever even have time to get this made?

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