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Christopher Lloyd is set to play a time traveling scientist for a new 3D IMAX documentary. It’s not exactly more Back to the Future, but with or without a Flux Capacitor, this is as close as we’re going to get.

The movie is called Time, the Fourth Dimension and it aims to use a mix of scripted silliness and real science to educate audiences on the dimensional complexities of our existence. The former Doc Brown will play an eccentric professor who, with help an assistant, explores and explains the dimensions of our world and the ones that aren’t exactly part of our world, like the 4th dimension and space-time. Pretty nerdy stuff.

This is an educational film but it sounds like they’re going all out for it, in spite of it’s encyclopedia-like goals. In addition to getting Christopher Lloyd back in a lab coat they’re planning all sorts of camera tricks using 3D and time-lapse to delight and illuminate IMAX audiences.