Say what you will about Bryan Singer and his penchant for signing on to and then abandoning the X-Men Franchise repeatedly, but he's a loyal guy at least to people. Writer Christopher McQuarrie has worked with Singer on The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie, and now he'll be teaming up with Singer again for Jack the Giant Killer, according to THR.

Back in early 2009 when D.J. Caruso signed on to direct, the script had been written by both Darren Lemke and Mark Bomback. It makes sense for Singer to bring on a writer he's particular to, but a little surprising that it took him this long-- Singer signed on to the project last September, and is scheduled to start filming this summer, which doesn't give McQuarrie much time to work his magic on it.

Singer and McQuarrie's collaborations have been universally well-received-- it took a lot for Valkyrie not to turn out as ridiculous as everyone was predicting it would be. Singer was never going to be able to make Jack something great without a good script to start with, and he's just exponentially increased his odds that he can make that happen.

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