The rumors about Wolverine taking on ninjas are true. Christopher McQuarrie has been hired to write the script for the Wolverine sequel, and will be setting the film in Japan, where Wolverine struggles between his animal instincts and the samurai code.

Not only did McQuarrie win an Oscar for writing Bryan Snger's The Usual Suspects, but he helped create the current cinematic version of Wolverine by contributing to the X-Men script back in 2000. According to THR the new storyline will be based on the 1980s comic book series written by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.

McQuarrie's participation might indicate that a more coherent movie could emerge for the second film, given that half the problems in X-Men Origins: Wolverine could be traced back to a script that didn't have a purpose from one scene to the next. It's probably even worth getting exciting, figuring the franchise might be able to get itself back on track. But Wolverine exhausted me so much I just can't work up the energy yet. Show me some scenes and some proof in two years, and then we'll talk.

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