Word on the net has been that the Fright Night remake is going to be a PG-13 film. Considering it has two hot young stars, Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and there are hordes of teens desperate for a horror film, that would make sense, but one of the stars is actually claiing that's not the case.

Mintz-Plasse told the Chicago Tribune, “They're trying to keep [the remake] very similar but give a different take on the cast. It'll be in 3D, so it's a little more Hollywood. And they're keeping it rated R, which is good." The R rating will be necessary to keep it close to the original considering the content of Tom Holland’s 1985 original. However, it would be a shame to see Fright Night underperform at the box office like Kick-Ass--well, only if Fright Night is as good as Kick-Ass-- given how that film suffered from an R rating and a story that appealed to teens. Regardless of what Mintz-Plasse says, the actors’ and even the director’s opinions are secondary to the suits. If as October 7th, 2011 approaches, the studio thinks PG-13 is the more profitable option to go, that’s what’s going to happen.

Either way, it’s not the PG-13 vs. R issue I’m concerned about, it’s that damn extra dimension. I just don’t see how director Craig Gillespie can create a Fright Night remake worthy of being shown in 3D. Minus a vampire or two popping out at the audience, what else can be done? Fright Night is a film worthy of a remake, I’ve got faith in Gillespie and the cast is absolutely fantastic, but it’s also a piece that could succumb to those more concerned with financial gain. And let’s face it, a PG-13 horror film in 3D is a sure thing.

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