Check out this shot of Jessica Chastain in the trailer...

Jessica Chastain

Note the jacket she's wearing looks a lot like the one worn by McConaughey before he goes to space...

Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar

Could that mean Jessica Chastain is playing the grown-up version of Murph?

No one in the trailer even mentions the "wormholes" that are supposed to be the focus of the storyline, though we do see McConaughey's spaceship entering what appears to be one. Wormholes and time travel often go hand in hand.

This is a sentimental, straight-faced trailer, one that shows Nolan's team as the best at crafting marketing materials for their films. The theme on Interstellar deals with one man making sacrifices in order to guarantee the future of the human race, the metaphorical suggestion that all it takes is one man putting the rest of humanity's needs ahead of his own. Caine says, "As a species, we must confront the reality of interstellar travel." It really puts a button on the suggestion that intellectual curiosity isn't just some guilt-trip fad, but the very idea that's going to ensure the planet's safety in the future. "Mankind was born on Earth," the trailer's closing text reads. "It was never meant to die here." Gauntlet thrown!

Interstellar opens November 7th.

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