Johnny Depp vs. Matthew McConaughey
Not long after both directors picked these projects, they immediately started eyeing A-list leading men to head them up. Johnny Depp made headlines when he was reportedly in negotiations to make $20 million to star in Transcendence, while McConaughey was an inspired but unconventional choice for Interstellar. Neither of them has starred in a science fiction film since the late 90s (The Astronaut's Wife vs. Contact). Both of them look great in hats. Nope, no confusion here at all.

Supercomputers vs. Space Travel
Here are the scraps of what we know about both movies. "Transcendence will have Depp playing a scientist who transfers his consciousness into a supercomputer with the hope of creating the world’s first machine that can think for itself." "Interstellar will depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the farthest borders of our scientific understanding." So they both star men trying to push science past its own boundaries? Totally clear distinction!

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