Anne Hathaway vs. Kate Mara & Rebecca Hall
Transcendence has a slightly more rounded-out cast, having gotten started earlier, and so far both Rebecca Hall and Kate Mara in supporting female roles (that, of course, are completely secret otherwise). Meanwhile Nolan has gone ahead and reunited with his Catwoman by casting Anne Hathaway. Sure, Hathaway has the distinction of a new Oscar and that awesome pixie haircut, but all three women are scene-stealers in supporting roles and-- get this-- were all born within 10 months of each other. Considering how Photoshopped they'll inevitably be on the posters, surely there's no way anyone could confuse them… right?

Morgan Freeman vs. some inevitable member of the Inception cast
Here's where things finally crossed the line from "confusing" to "insane." Yesterday Morgan Freeman became the latest name to join Transcendence, marking the first official crossover between the recurring casts of Christopher Nolan's films and Pfister's effort. It makes sense, of course-- the cast would inevitably come to trust the DP, especially over three Batman films-- but now it's only going to add to the confusion when Nolan inevitably casts another familiar face from the Batman trilogy or Inception. My money's on Michael Caine. Can you really be expected to remember which one, Freeman or Caine, is in which?

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