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I feel as though I should have a beef with Todd Solondz. After all, the man did name a pedofile/rapist after my hometown in his movie Happiness. But it's hard to hate the man that created a film as gloriously screwed up as Welcome to the Dollhouse. His next film, Dark Horse, is currently in preproduction and has already signed Justin Bartha, Aasif Mandvi, Jordan Gelber, Zachary Booth and Donna Murphy, but now three big names are coming on board.

THR reports that Christopher Walken, Mia Farrow and Selma Blair have all joined the cast of Solondz's newest outing. The film is about a thirty-something toy collector (Gelber) who is still living with his parents (Walken and Farrow), and, in an attempt to get rid of his "Dark Horse" label, decides to pursue a woman (Blair) much like himself. Production has already begun on the film, which is shooting in New York's Westchester County and Long Island.

It honestly surprises me that it's taken Walken and Solondz this long to work together. They both seem to have the same off-kilter sense of humor and I can only imagine how well that will play out on screen. The director's films are almost always worthy of at least one look, and the way that this film is building, it shouldn't be any different.

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